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    Author: Cliff Walsh, CFA

    The Inflation Tail Risk

    With the passage of the JOBS Act of 2012, effective in May 2016, small businesses can now raise capital through online solicitation of investors or crowdfunding. In essence, the general public can now directly invest in start-up and emerging companies.

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    The Death of Economic Models

    The decades-long reliance on the Philips Curve to guide economic and monetary policy came to an abrupt end, raising the question about the relevancy of other conventional economic models to a 21st century economy.

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    Municipal Bond Investing in a COVID-19 World

    As financial advisors work with their clients in building a portfolio of individual municipal securities or evaluate muni fund candidates, they will need to go beyond the normal bounds of credit analysis to discern an issuer’s ability to meet its obligations under the most extreme financial scenarios.

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