Financial Advisor Client Service Menu

Financial Advisor Client Service Menu

Creating Service Menus for Distinct Client Categories

Do you offer distinct service levels based upon the business value of your clients?

The common practice of many advisors is to segment their business into “A,” “B” and “C” clients to ensure that they devote the time and resources to their most valuable relationships.  Fewer, however, have a clearly mapped out strategy describing the services provided to each client group.

A written client service menu can have important business purposes. It can act as a discipline to guide consistent service delivery to clients and, when shared with clients and prospects, it may help them gain insight into the value of establishing or expanding the commitment of assets to your practice.

In relation to prospects, this checklist could be expanded into an effective new business development tool by adding a column, “Your Advisor.”  This will allow prospects to discover the range and number of additional benefits they can expect to receive by transferring assets to you.  For current clients, it may motivate them to consolidate assets with you so that they may avail themselves of the additional services provided to clients with higher assets under management.

Sample Client Services Menu

Service Client AUM > $1.5MM Client AUM Between $750,000 and $1.5MM Client AUM Under $750,000
Investment Review and Asset Allocation Strategy Yes Yes Yes
Retirement Income Planning Yes Yes Yes
College Funding Plan Yes Yes Yes
Survivor Needs Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Rollover and Retirement Distribution Planning Yes Yes Yes
Small Business Retirement Plans Yes Yes Yes
Investment Reviews Quarterly Quarterly Annually
Tax-Efficiency Review Yes Yes No
Cash Flow and Net Worth Statement Yes Yes No
Quarterly “Insights” Seminars Yes Yes No
Estate Planning Yes Yes No
Trust Services Yes Yes No
Stock Option Planning Yes No No
Concentrated Equity Solutions Yes No No
10b5-1 Plan Design and Execution Yes No No
Employee Benefits Review Yes No No
Charitable Trust/Foundation Yes No No

Naturally, the above menu is for illustrative purposes only.  You should articulate the services and relevant segmentation that relates to your practice.

One Final Business Benefit

If you need any more convincing to create a client service menu, consider how many times a client expressed surprise upon hearing that you offered a particular service or you found out too late about a client engaging the services of another advisor because they weren’t aware that you offered the same service.

If you choose to make one, don’t forget to develop a plan for maximizing the impact of this simple, yet impactful, marketing tool.

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