Ten Cheapest Places to Travel

The strong U.S. dollar has made the world a huge travel bargain. Here’s our list of inexpensive—and interesting—places to consider for your next getaway.

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    Ten Cheapest Places to Travel

    Ten Cheapest Places to Travel

    The strong U.S. dollar has made the world a huge travel bargain. Here’s our list of inexpensive—and interesting—places to consider for your next getaway.

    Bargain Getaways

    1. Mexico

    The peso’s fall has made Mexico one of the most inexpensive and inviting destinations on our list. Mexico is blessed with wonderful beaches, Spanish influences and the remains of Aztec civilization. Whether it’s the artsy vibe of San Miguel de Allende, the big city excitement of Mexico City or the beaches of Riviera Maya, Mexico beckons you.

    1. Greece

    The combination of a lower euro and economic troubles make Greece a true travel value. In the birthplace of democracy, you can revel in Ancient Greek history, tour the islands of the Aegean Sea or celebrate the sophistication of Athens.

    1. Vietnam

    Vietnam can be loud, crowded and dirty, but it won’t cease to fascinate. There are plenty of unparalleled experiences, from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, to kayaking in Ha Long Bay or hiking Sapa Valley. The food is as healthy as it is a departure from the ordinary. And, don’t forget to take at least one scooter taxi ride!

    1. Belize

    Lightly populated, Belize is the ultimate escape. Visit the Mayan ruins, take a hike or a mountain bike ride through the jungles, relax on pristine Caribbean beaches, or dive, snorkel and kayak the Belize Barrier Reef.

    1. Chile

    Chile runs more than 2,600 miles north to south, though only about 100 miles east to west.  Yet, within this sliver of a country you can visit Patagonia, soak in the urban sophistication of Santiago, go skiing during the summer months or take a flight to Easter Island.

    1. Hungary

    Budapest is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hungary is home to the world’s second-largest thermal lake and numerous World Heritage Sites and UNESCO Biosphere reserves. Spend time enjoying the architectural wonder and history of Budapest, but then head out to discover the country’s diverse beauty.

    1. Guatemala

    Not a top-of-mind destination, but one worth considering. Nature lovers will be drawn to volcano rimmed Lake Atitlan, and Flores, where howler monkeys and undisturbed jungles provide a backdrop to Mayan ruins.  Travelers should take precautions and avoid certain places.

    1. Canada

    The shrunken Canadian dollar makes our northern neighbor exceptionally inexpensive. Pick your spot: Quebec City and its European flavor, or the big city taste of Montreal. Alternatively, take in the annual Calgary Stampede, Canada’s beautiful national parks or the charms of Vancouver.

    1. Portugal

    Lisbon is the perfect home base to understand how Portuguese is the official language in 10 countries home to more than 270 million people. Within a day’s travel is the cultural hub of Porto and a short flight away is Madeira Island. Beautiful beaches stretch the coast of Portugal.

    1. America’s National Parks

    There may be no greater bargain than the $80 annual pass that allows you and your family into every national park in the United States. So, hop in the car, take a tour of Utah’s five incomparable parks, or settle in and visit Yosemite, Grand Canyon or Glacier National Park.

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