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Women in Finance: A Roadmap for Progress

Women in Finance: A Roadmap for Progress

Financial Services and Women, Perfect Together

“The attributes that facilitate success in financial services align perfectly with women’s greatest strengths, which include listening, being empathetic and creating long-lasting relationships.” — Donna LaScala, RFC®, CDFA® President, Comprehensive Divorce Solutions, LLC

The battle for equality in the workplace has been a long and hard-fought one.

While enormous strides have been made, there remains much more to do. Progress in the financial services industry has been accelerating in recent years, with women’s representation at its most senior levels growing at an increasing rate.

In this white paper, Women in Finance: A Roadmap for Progress, we examine why financial services may be a great career choice for women, the steps they can take to prosper in their careers, what financial advisors can do to encourage a new generation of female advisors and how businesses can grow the ranks of women at all levels of their organizations.

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