Author: Nicole Dauenhauer

May is National Foster Care Month!

Foster care is a collective effort driven by each state and supported with federal funding. However, the real, on-the-ground work is done at a local level, with private non-profit organizations playing a key role in delivering foster care services and individuals serving as foster parents.

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Is College the Best Option?

Of course, there are the horror stories of students with six-figure debts accumulated in pursuit of advanced degrees, but generally the case for attending college is strong. In addition to higher lifetime earnings, college graduates typically will have better job opportunities; land jobs that provide health insurance and retirement benefits; learn important interpersonal skills; and establish contacts that may help them in their careers. But, what of the alternatives?

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FREE 14.2 Feature: Donna LaScala

At ease with a broad range of topics, American Portfolios (AP) affiliated financial advisor Donna LaScala speaks of farm-to-table dining and Long Island’s Revolutionary War history as she walks through Baxter Pond Park, skirting along the edges of Port Washington’s town dock. LaScala’s passion for local history and the place she calls home give proof she is an old soul, just as passionate about the past as she is about the present and the future that lies ahead.

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FREE 13.2 Feature: James Collier and Gregory Knisley

There’s a certain underlying moral code that Lancastrians have,” Collier relays. “I think we are both very much products of where we grew up, which makes us a good fit here. Unlike, say the big wirehouses, we have a finger on the pulse of the slightly more conservative—that’s conservative with a small ‘c’—mindset in Lancaster. We take in more refugees per capita than anywhere else in the United States.”

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FREE 13.1 Q&A: Jared McGill

From waiting tables at East End Long Island restaurants to joining AP as a new accounts associate, McGil worked his way up through the ranks—building enough confidence to strike out on his own as an investment professional. Now, married with two children, he makes his home in Westport, Conn., and commutes each day to Blank Financial, a Park Avenue Manhattan practice where he works alongside mentor and fellow investment professional Greg Blank to provide solution-driven advice to their loyal client base.

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