Staging a Charitable Client Event

While human tax preparers continue to be preferred over software programs, the share of tax filings prepared by human tax professionals has slipped in recent years.


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    Staging a Charitable Client Event

    Staging a Charitable Client Event

    Client events are an effective way to communicate your appreciation and strengthen the client-advisor bond. As you think about your next client event, you may find that combining a client appreciation evening with a charitable purpose heightens the positive impact it has on your clients and your business.

    Why Advisors Should Consider a Charitable Theme

    There are a number of practical and altruistic reasons for integrating the business purpose of a client event with a charitable orientation, including:

    • It helps a non-profit expand its network of potential donors and volunteers
    • It creates a positive branding opportunity for your business
    • If you widen the invitation list to friends of clients, you can generate new prospects
    • It will make you (and your staff) happy

    Planning Considerations

    The planning for such an event may require more time than is typically needed for a conventional client appreciation event, so start earlier than normal. As you begin the planning process, consider the following:

    Think about the purpose of the event. It need not have a fundraising element to it; it can simply be about introducing your clients to a good cause, and introducing the charity to potential future supporters.

    Think about the charity you wish to work with. It should be one that you believe in and will resonate with your clients.

    • Meet with the non-profit to discuss what you want to do and what you would like to accomplish. Encourage their participation in planning the night. They may have ideas and connections that will elevate the experience.
    • Client get-togethers should be fun, informative and nurture the client-advisor relationship. Create an agenda that reflects these criteria, e.g.:
      • A brief talk by a member of the charitable organization’s leadership team to discuss their goals and activities
      • A short presentation about effective gifting strategies, e.g., bequests, family foundations, trusts, etc.
      • Entertainment, which you can hire; or if the charity is a supporter of the arts, e.g., youth dance or singing, you can use them to entertain your clients
      • If you want to include a fundraising component, be sure to leverage the charity’s expertise in this regard

    In a recent survey of Americans, 63 percent were hopeful that businesses would take the lead to drive social change, and almost nine out of 10 said that they would purchase a product or service because a company advocated about an issue that mattered to them.1

    Let your next client event communicate to your clients that you care.



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