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Deciding Where to Enjoy Retirement in the U.S.

Deciding Where to Enjoy Retirement in the U.S.

Lists of the “best places to retire” are ubiquitous. These lists make for great clickbait, but what tends to be overlooked is that “best” is a relative term. “Best” really depends upon what an individual prioritizes where to enjoy retirement.

For some clients who were unable to build enough retirement savings, a move to a state or town where the cost of living is lower may be imperative. For others, dissatisfaction with congestion or long winters may drive them to a different choice. Sometimes, the decision is a positive motivation, like wanting to live close to cultural or outdoor activities.

Recognizing that needs and desires will define where the “best place to retire” is, we’ve come up with some ideas based on two different priorities.

Affordable Places to Retire

Finding an affordable place to live doesn’t require giving up on the things that keep life fun and interesting, as our list shows.

  • Asheville, North Carolina. This growing town is known for its hip community of musicians and artists, as well as beautiful scenery. Great Smoky Mountains National Park provides plenty of hiking and fall foliage opportunities, while street performers provide the soundtrack for a carefree retirement. Cultural and educational outlets abound.
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In one of the more underrated American cities, Pittsburgh offers retirees a rich menu of culture, professional sports and access to great health care. It’s a highly walkable city, but just in case, public transportation is free to the 65-and-over set.
  • Texas. Everything is big in Texas, which is why we include three cities—Corpus Christi, El Paso and McAllen. They all offer a laid-back pace and warm weather, but each comes with its own personality.
  • Columbus, Ohio. Not only is Columbus affordable, but it also ranks high on livability measures. Home to Ohio State University, retirees will never lack for something interesting to do.

Top Locations for Health Care

Good health translates into a happier retirement, leading many retirees to look for being close to exceptional health care services.

  • Richland, Washington. In eastern Washington, Richland is home to three large hospital systems. Its 300 days of sunshine, miles of hiking trails and no state income tax are sure to keep retirees feeling healthier!
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts. Home to world-renowned hospitals, there may be no better place to receive health care. With plenty of universities and history, Cambridge (and nearby Boston) is a great place to stay healthy and engaged.
  • Scottsdale-Phoenix, Arizona. The Scottsdale-Phoenix metropolitan area is a top retirement destination. Great weather, golf courses and open desert are just some of the attractions. It also happens to have a great hospital system to keep retirees in good health.

The list of priorities is endless—mountains, golf, warm weather and more! Whatever the priority, it’s a great research project for clients who are looking to enjoy retirement.


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